Top 4 Facial Piercings for Women

There are many different piercings women get on their face. They are used to accentuate beauty features or draw attention away from other parts of the body. It is no wonder women benefit a lot from certain types of facial jewellery. It can be an ideal way to change their look and go for something more elegant or rebellious.

  1. Nose Piercings

When it comes to facial piercings, nose rings and studs are the most common and most popular. You’ll find that most women who have body piercings will have their nose pierced. There isn’t any reason for this other than they can be easily seen and if you like piercings, why not go for an area which allows you to show off your personality and character. Body jewellery for your nose comes in a range of styles, colours, and unique designs.

  1. Tongue Piercings

It is estimated that about 12% of women who have body piercing have their tongues pierced. They are the third most popular piercings for women. They are a unique way to change your style and character, and if you are bold enough to get it done you’ll be greeted with a variety of reactions, from curiosity to horror. These body piercings require straight barbell jewellery to keep them in place once fitted.

  1. Septum Piercings

Your septum is the bit of cartilage that is located at the bottom of your nose, in between your two nostrils. This type of piercing is incredibly popular with women as it allows them to wear all kinds of trendy accessories. These piercings can be worn with a clicker to centre the face or a hoop. Most consider septum piercings are less painful than nose piercings as the cartilage in that area is fairly thin.

  1. Helix Piercings

A helix piercing is a piercing which is done at the top part of the ear. It is popular amongst women of all ages and it doesn’t hurt as much as a nose piercing as the cartilage is extremely thin in this area of the ear. They wrap around the edge of the ear, usually worn with hoops or circular barbells.

This article has mentioned the 4 most popular facial piercings for women. There is a lot of other facial piercings that are becoming more and more popular, some of which include, tragus, conch, and Monroe piercings. Nearly all of these piercings offer a feminine look and add to appearance of anyone who wears jewellery in that area.